Moulds for iron and non-ferrous sample taking

Moulds for iron and non-ferrous sample taking

Kokillentype Verwendungszweck Probe- abmessungen
for samples with low precipitation quantities on iron, nickel and cobalt basis samples are separated 15mm from the foot and ground for analysis
75 x 32-45 mm Ø
for samples with small precipitation quantities on iron, nickel, cobalt and copper basis as pure metals no cutting necessary, only milling or grinding at the sample foot
20 x 40 mm
Sample material, as above, sample is milled or ground from the side
20 x 40 x 40 mm
for samples of raw iron or cast iron, asymmetrical casting. The riser is cut off and the sample is ground from the foot.
4 x 40 mm Ø
for cast iron with particularly high carbon equivalent according to the pin sampling method
40 x 6 mm Ø
for samples with high precipitation and segregation tendency, non-ferrous metals. The riser is cut off and the sample is milled from the foot.
6 x 45 mm Ø
Mould tongs for cast iron samples, copper inserts available as spare parts
4 x 36 mm Ø
BR 150
Special mould for grey cast iron and spheroidal graphite cast iron BR 150 Mould with 45º sprue in combined steel/copper design Robust steel moulded part, cast on a copper ingot to achieve a white solidified sample structure. Spectrometer sample and pin sample for the C+S determination from a cast sample, pin sample easy to break off, approx. 0.4g weight for direct initial weighing. Easy handling due to automatic form closure of the mould halves, no hinges, no moving parts. Copper block worked as flat surface, simple reconditioning in case of damage due to flat grinding, thus extended service life.
Ø 34-36 x 5 mm
BR 150/RE
Special mould for pig iron BR 150/RE This mould, developed from the cast iron mould, is made entirely of copper and is suitable for sampling pig iron directly from the channel. Pig iron from the blast furnace has a higher temperature than cast iron and would cause the sample to bake on the steel part; the overall design in copper avoids this and ensures the desired rapid cooling. The large handle also supports the ladle and the mould can be bolted to a heavy base to prevent damage in rough working conditions
34mm Ø with a side wall height of 10mm


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