Logos on customer request

Logos on customer request


we offer in all materials according to drawing or sample in any desired shape and size: (in the case of new designs, one-time proportional mould costs will be charged)

  • Plastic (primarily blue)
  • Babbit-metal
  • of brass sheet with pins
  • of brass sheet with base plate
  • as an insertion mark for date plates
  • milled from plastic (for single pieces)


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Ludwig Föbus GmbH & Co KG
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Ludwig Föbus GmbH & Co KG is a manufacturer and trading company specialised in foundry and patternmaking supplies. We serve customers in more than 40 countries around the world with a tremendous variety of products. We are committed to customer satisfaction, we define as the most competitive market prices combined with superior customers service.


Brockhägerstr. 276
D-33334 Güter​sloh

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Brockhägerstr. 276

D-33334 Gütersloh